Pallet Rack Trading Company

Pallet racking is a way to store materials that are placed on pallets and skids. The pallets can be stored on the racks in Horizontal rows with multiple vertical levels allowing for an Increased density and selective pallet picking with a forklift or a heavy-duty stacker. There are many different types of pallet rack storage depending on how dense you want the product stored or how often do you need to get to a pallet. The most popular style of the pallet racks is Teardrop Style which allows the horizontal Beams to fit into the Vertical uprights without any hardware. The teardrop design becomes “tighter” when weight is placed upon them. Since the second Word War, pallet racking became the most used element in warehouses, retail, and other distribution centers.

Pallet rack Components:

Upright frames, or vertical columns or Uprights are the backbone of a rack system with various depths and heights these uprights carry most of the down weight burden. The uprights come in an array of different styles to include Teardrop, Slotted, Bolted, Keystone, and Speed style, just to name a few. The uprights are welded together with Diagonal and Horizontal braces and have a footplate at the bottom for helping distribute the load and anchor to the floor.

Load Beams; also known as “beams” come in a large variety of sizes and shapes. The standard is a “step” bean which has a 1-5/8” step alongside the top inside edge which is used to hold and supports or wire decking and allows for a more rigid and stronger capacity. The beams come in different “face” height and gauges of steel for increased capacity.

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